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Hi I'm Ashley. I am 21 years old and currently live in Lake Placid, FL with my mother, Deborah, and her boyfriend, James. I own a brown & white male boxer/p/itbull mix dog named Jasper. I love anything involving art or fashion and my goal is to earn my general business (associate's) degree in college as well as take fashion merchandising classes and hopefully one day, manage my very own fashion clothing store and sell other people's popular clothing brands in my store. I have taken 3 years of art classes in high school as well as sang as an Alto in Chorus in 8th & 11th grades. I graduated high school on June 2, 2012 (same day as my birthday). From Aug.-Sept. 2012, I got my first job volunteering at the hospital here in Lake Placid, FL as a gift shop attendant. Afterwards, I temporarily moved to Arden, NC for 6 months, & after finding no luck with jobs there, decided to return to Lake Placid, FL. Well, from Aug. - Nov. 2013, I worked at WalMart as a seasonal cashier & made quite a few close friends at work and loved my job. As of now, unfortunately, I am unemployed, but plan to take my admissions test and start college. Lol I think I've said enough, so toodles! :) ~Ashley

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Wednesday, 5 - 12 - 2012

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